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Kumrat Valley A Must Visit Valley in Pakistan

Most of the people ask about Kumrat’s road condition , transport, hotel and food etc. So I am here sharing some tips.

1st of all in my opinion its not good for a family trip because of the condition of road and hotels. But if you got a flock of some boasting friends, pack your bags because this is the place you have been waiting and planning for. I have been to so many beautiful and ravishing valleys in Pakistan but none of them was as alluring and captivate to the heart and eyes as Kumrat. It is a land of untouched and pristine beauty where glory and beauty of nature will be unfolded on every kilometer you travel. You will witness mesmerizing landscapes on every step and turn you, the sun and the clouds take.

kumrat valley

Road Condition and transport :

From islamabad to Upper Dir it is perfect and will take almost 6 hrs. And then from Dir to Thal the condition of road is poor and inadequate at some places and will take 3 hrs and then from Thal the road is pathetic well actually there is no proper road after Thal but the good thing is that it will take 1 hr to reach kumrat and also its not dangerous but fascinating. ( You must hire a 4/4 either from Upper Dir or Thal)


There are no proper hotels but there are huts and tents available and you will find it after each and every mile you travel. The thing you should worry about is the condition of washrooms ๐Ÿ˜‚.


Food is not as good in Kumrat so it is advisable to bring your own food and cook yourself, you will enjoy more.

kumrat valley

Note: there are no markets and specific visiting spots as like the markets and lakes etc in Swat ,Naran and GB etc except Jahaz Banda and Katora Lake for which you will have to hike. But the whole valley is so beautiful that won’t need specific spots to visit. All u have to do is enjoy the streams, roam in the forests and relish the bonfires. (In the evening you have to gather and bring some wood from the forests for the night )

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