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Sharan Valley Kaghan KPK Pakistan

Sharan Valley Kaghan KPK Pakistan

Sharan forest and Monchi Top is a new tourist spot which KPK government has launched few years ago. There is a 230 km distance from Islamabad to Sharan Valley.

There is khwai spot in the way to Sharan, it’s a very beautiful and very cold waterfall, and you can take a tea here a take some rest to move forward. Few mile forward there is a paras, on move forward we need to book a four by four jeep to reach on the Sharan forest and monchi top.

The road towards Monchi top is very stony and zig zag, it’s just like the snake cure. It’s impossible to drive for the outsider there so you need to book the local driver with jeep to reach successfully on your destination. The track is very beautiful and surrounded by the huge trees. After one and half hour travel you’ll be reached in the middle of the Sharan forest.

The government has installed very lush types of pods. They are very neat and clean with the ability of comfort care. You can avail these pods for the small family at 3k to 4k per night. The booking system is online and you need visit their website for the booking purpose. There is a common kitchen which is a self-serving. You can also order the food if you’re not a cooking expert.

 If you’re looking for the cheaper option then there is a tent section besides the pods. You can book a tent for one thousand there it has capacity of 6 persons. If you’re a backpacker and you’ve your own camp then you can pay just 500 rupees. Toilet system is also very fine there.

Sharan is used as the basecamp of the monchi top. It’s the best to start the journey towards the monchi top in the morning. As it’s a new tourist attraction so there is not proper tracking path toward the monchi top.  You can get the help of local to reach on the top.

The track is very simple and the sign written with the stick on the big stones. This is a very beautiful track you’ll forgot all your tiredness when you’ll reach on the top.

When you reach on the top you can see the Moosa Ka Masallah peak. Shogran, Siri and Paya are in front of you.  This is a so peaceful and mind relaxing attraction because there is not enough public flow towards this sight so you can enjoy the beauty of nature with a unique silence. After spending few hours there you can move towards the basecamp till the day end.

The next destination is Naran and Kaghan it’s one of the most popular tourist attraction in Pakistan. For the complete tourist guide and travel information about the area and hoteling there is a very popular hotel on the way name River Ranch Hotel.

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